What Is A Safe PSI For Car Wash?

On overall, pressure washers will always come with varying strengths so that you can adapt them to different applications. It is the reason you always have to look at the PSI rating of a model and then determine if it would be great for your car wash applications. 

All the pressure washers will have the PSI information in the product description section so that you can know what you are buying. The operating pressure on the other hand might slightly differ. This one also depends on how you have set up your pressure washer. The type of nozzle also comes in handy to determine how the water is dispersed as it comes out of the spray gun. 

What is its amplified pressure?

To end up with the best car pressure washer, you have to consider comparing several models. One of the things you have to consider is the amplified water pressure. To understand the amplified water pressure, you have to multiply the GPM by the PSI of the unit. This helps you to understand the maximum cleaning power of the pressure washer. 

You still have to consider other factors such as the pressure washer make, its nozzles, and the affordability. 

Important Considerations 

The high pressure of the water can often have damages to your car paint if you are not careful. Let us say your car has some paint scratches and you wash it with very high pressure water. Whenever the water gets under the paint, it will lift off the paint easily. As a result, you will end up with more areas that have damaged paint. 

You are to first do a pressure test of the pressure washer and stand at least two feet away from the car. This makes it possible for you to adjust the pressure before you can get closer to wash the car. You have to take the same caution when working with dents on your car. 

Expected Pressure

The good thing about washing cars is that you never have to use high pressures all the time. It is recommended that you use pressure ranging from 1400 to 2100 PSI. Also, the pressure washers designed for home use will have a GPM of 1.5 making them good for water efficiency. Even with a minimum pressure of 1400 PSI, you would still be able to wash the stubborn grime and debris. 

You should find most manufacturers detailing the kind of pressure you can achieve with their models. This helps you choose a model that will be ideal for cash wash and other applications. Always pick a model that has a working pressure over 1400PSI. This makes it convenient in the sense that you can switch between different pressure options depending on their use. 

Minimum Pressure 

When you are looking to clean your car, some people often opt for the low pressures such as 900 PSI. This type of pressure tends to be ineffective to some applications. It is the reason we recommend you go for a pressure washer with 1400 PSI or higher. This is when the water pressure starts to make a difference. The lower pressure washers also sometimes tend to have poor durability and also the power to deliver quality performance. 

Recommendations for nozzles

For those looking to end up with the best pressure washer nozzle, start with a 25-degree nozzle. This type of nozzle will provide the best pressure and nozzle angle to clean grime and dirt off the car. It is the minimum type of nozzle you should consider. If you are going for moderate pressure, consider going for the 300 and 40nozzles. 

Another great consideration would be the foam cannon. This attachment would largely help with covering the car with a dense and penetrating foam. This helps to get rid of the dirt and grime from the surface. 

Safety Considerations 

Whenever you are looking to end up with the best car wash pressure washer, always consider the PSI rating, GPM, and nozzle type. The nozzle might always be overlooked, but it also ensures that the right amount pressure is delivered to the car’s surface. When washing, point your nozzle towards the ground to help with clearing the grime with ease and avoid chipping your paint. With the best pressure washer, cleaning your car just got easier. 

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