Oxygenics Shower Head Review

Choosing the right shower head is all about the needs that your household has. Some family’s really like a standard shower head that’s static, meaning that it doesn’t adjust the water pressure or coverage or have a handheld option. Others prefer to have more freedom to create the perfect shower atmosphere for each individual member of the family. If you’re looking to get the best of the best, you’ll want to take a look at our best Oxygenics shower head reviews to find out just what those are because each of these 8 products offers the features you’re likely looking for.

We’ve chosen a variety of different products that provide a variety of different services and features. This way, you can make sure the one that you choose is actually going to fit what you feel is the most important aspect. All you need to do is take a look and make your choice. 

Features to Watch Out For

There are a number of different features that you should take a look at and we’re going to evaluate a few of them right here. 

Number of Shower Heads – Some shower head systems actually come with more than one shower head, which can give you an even more unique showering experience and can provide more pressure.

Shower Head Settings – You should take a look at how many different settings the shower head you’re looking at has and how many different combinations you can create with those, which creates the shower experience you want. 

Metal Finish – The finish on your shower head should match the style that you’re looking for inside your bathroom. This could be stainless steel, brushed nickel or something else entirely. 

Handheld Option – A handheld option means that you can remove the shower head from the wall and use it as you want. This is better for taller or shorter users or for those who want to wash pets especially. 

Top Products to Know

1. Oxygenic 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa

This is actually a shower head that’s intended to be used in an RV, which means it’s great for smaller spaces. It has special technology that’s designed to actually increase your water pressure to get you an even better shower. On top of that it limits water flow to make sure you don’t waste any water and still keeps a consistent temperature during the entire experience for added comfort. The spray pattern is designed to make it even easier and faster to rinse off, even if you have long hair that you need to clean.

On top of all of these things you’re going to have non-stick pieces on the interior of the unit, which keeps minerals from building up, even if you have hard water. The head can also be pulled down to use as a handheld shower with a 60” hose that gives you plenty of freedom for taller or shorter users. 

2. Oxygenic PowerMax Chrome 9-Spray Shower Head

Looking for a large shower head that will give you plenty of different spray options? This is definitely going to be one you want to look at because it actually has 9 different patterns to choose from. Each of these patterns make it simple for you to find a comfortable flow and get the shower you want. It’s also designed to never clog, which makes it even easier to clean and reduces the amount of repairs you’ll need to watch out for. The efficient design means that you’re going to use even less water than with a standard shower, which decreases your costs.

The installation process is very quick and easy, which means you can get to your first shower with this new unit in no time. It also has a limited lifetime performance warranty, which means if there’s ever a failure or the shower head clogs you can contact the company to get it taken care of. 

3. Oxygenics Marvel 9-Setting Rain Shower System

This is a unique shower head because it’s actually square in shape, which lends a unique touch to your bathroom aesthetic. You’ll have a brushed nickel finish, which also fits in with any other materials in the space. The 8” face is large enough to create a rain shower feature and to provide high pressure, but with 9 different settings you can choose whatever works for you. These different settings make it easy for each member of the family and each of your guests to feel more comfortable while taking their own showers as well.

There is an added pressure boost that gives you a little more powerful shower and the non-stick internal pieces mean there’s less danger of clogs. The WaterSense technology is also designed to cut down on your water usage without making you feel like you’re being deprived at all. 

4. Oxygenics Amp Chrome 120-Spray Shower Head

This shower head has a unique design because you’re actually getting two shower heads in one. This means you’re going to have even more water and better water pressure going on. Also, the two shower heads each have 10 different settings, which provides you with the unique water experience that you want and the same for each member of your family. In total, this gives you 120 different combinations of sprays between the two shower heads. This means you’re going to have an even better experience overall with each shower that you take.

There’s a 72” hose that provides you with the ability to remove the shower head and use it as a handheld option. This can be great for those who are taller or shorter and also allows you to reach places that are a little bit harder to reach otherwise. 

5. Oxygenics Curve 3-Setting Brushed Nickel Rain Shower

This brushed nickel shower head creates a sleek look in your bathroom, but it’s not just the color that does it. This is actually a curved shower head which creates a very unique look and an even better experience in the shower as well. It has high water pressure and 3 different settings for the spray that you would like. This allows you to customize it better to fit each member of the family. There’s also a limited lifetime warranty that says it’s going to continue working for you just the way that you expect. 

Easy to install, this unit is also WaterSense certified, which means that it’s going to save you on energy and water costs because it uses less water. It has a large surface area that allows you to feel the spray over your entire body, but it’s still not going to cost a lot in order to run it. 

6. Oxygenics Hero Combo CH Shower Head

With this shower head you’re actually getting two separate shower heads that can create an even more unique showering experience. These can be adjusted to direct the water just where you want it and they each have 7 different spray settings. This creates a total of 63 different combinations that you can customize to fit your shower preferences. You’ll be able to remove the top nozzle to get a handheld shower head, which makes it easier to get to those harder to reach places and to shower smaller children or even pets.

With this shower head you get a bright silver finish with black accent and an ergonomic grip. This creates a sleek look for your bathroom and also allows you to more easily hold onto the unit, even when your hands are wet from your shower. 

7. Oxygenics 89546 PowerSelect

This unique looking shower head actually comes in a hexagonal shape, which creates a great look in your bathroom. That’s especially true when it’s paired with the brushed nickel finish. This shower head helps to increase your water pressure and gives you 7 different spray settings, which makes it even easier for you to get the type of shower you’re looking for. It has a certified 1.75 GPM flow rate, which means it’s going to use less energy and less water. This is great for your costs as well as better for the environment because you’re using up fewer resources. 

Designed to never clog and to resist both mineral buildup and corrosion, you’re going to find that it’s easy to use and easy to keep clean as well. It even comes with a limited lifetime warranty in case of failure or any clogs that might develop. 

8. Oxygenics 30020 Storm Showerhead Kit

Here you’re going to have shower head that can be installed onto any shower arm quickly and easily. It has 54 different nozzles on the face of the shower head, which makes for a better showering experience, offering several different points of contact. You’re also going to have little to no maintenance with this unit because it’s intended to never clog or break down. Not to mention it helps to conserve water, even while making you feel like you’re getting exactly the type of shower that you want. It actually overs up to 30% more water pressure than other similar units.

You’ll get a brilliant silver finish, which looks fresh and bright in any bathroom and you’ll get a rainfall shower experience, which provides a full overflow of water over your entire body. For areas that don’t have good water pressure, this is a good option to go with.


If you’re looking for a high quality shower head you’ll want to take a closer look at each of these. They each provide different features that will help you have a great experience and any one of them could be the best Oxygenics shower head reviews. Just take a look and decide which one you like best for yourself. 

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