How to Tighten Toilet Seat with No Access Underside

Is your toilet seat getting lost, or do you need to tighten it? And is your toilet seat one of those models without an underside access? 

If that is the case, then I have prepared a post that can help you to tighten toilet seat with no access underside.

Gears and Tools You Will Need

You only need simple tools and gears to tighten your toilet seat that doesn’t have an underside access. These are:

  • A wrench 
  • A tool to pry (flat-head gear) 
  • A pair of pliers 
  • A screwdriver
  • Gloves 
  • Goggles 

Although it is not necessary to wear goggles and gloves, you should put them to prevent injuries from broken fragments. 

Procedure to Follow to Tighten the Seat

Here are the steps that you should follow when tightening a toilet seat with no access underside.

1. Exam Your Toilet Thoroughly 

You might discover that your toilet has holes that can help you access the underside, but they are hidden or obscured from your view. For instance, you should check the hinges to find out if there are hidden buttons.

Run your hand back and forth – you might spot them eventually. Press these buttons to release the lid, which will show the securing bolts and screws. 

Some seats come with unique covers that you should slide out to see the accesses. They help to protect the bolts from material and water that can destroy them. Look for a round cut piece.

Finally, there are toilet seats that require you to take the toilet off its attaching base. It is quite common for wall-mounted toilets and one-piece toilet. The holes that hold the seat are located with the bolts that join your toilet to the wall.  

2. Re-Alight the Seat

Now you can see the underside access – things are going to be more comfortable now. However, you should adjust the seat before you start tightening it. 

Your toilet seat might be out of alignment because it had become loose, and you should move it back to the natural position (center). You can use clamps when aligning it. 

3. Tighten the Bolts 

You need the screwdriver to tighten these bolts. Ensure that your tool has the ideal head – not too small or too big. The right screwdriver can make it easy to tighten and prolong their life.

Tighten the bolts until they stop to move. Some models come with a special wing nut that you can tighten using a pair of pliers.

4. Inspect the Tension/ Close the Lid

Knock the bolts slightly to see if they can move or not. Tighten them if they show any sign of movement. After that, place the lid, and you are done.

Final Verdict 

You should seek professional help if you fail to access the underside of your toilet seat. But if you do access it, you should follow the steps above to get a compact toilet. I hope that the guide above has been helpful, and now you can tighten your model without any problem. 

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