Best Toilet Seat Hinges

You may think the hinges are the smallest units of your toilet seat. However, these jointed devices not only allow the proper pivoting of your toilet seats. The hinges, depending on the technology deployed, can ensure a seamless opening and closing. With several design innovations, these materials can ensure slow, quiet, and no-slam closing of the lid. So, how do you choose the best toilet seat hinges?

Toilet Seat Hinges: 7 Best Reviews 

Take a look at the review of these products and discover the best toilet seat hinges to buy? 

1. Plumb Pak PP837-36L Toilet Seat Hinge

The Plumb Pak PP837-36L is a set of high-quality toilet seat hinges made of luxurious polished brass. The hinges are available in measurements that make the hardware compatible with toilet covers and seats, which are commercially available on the market. 

The brass hinges have a high-quality construction. Reliable and long-lasting, the item offers dependable operation and will not loosen easily. Installing the seat with the hinges is easy. You just have to follow the detailed instructions. Overall, the hinges are sturdy, have good value for money, are simple to install, and easy to access for cleaning. 

2. Plumb Pak PP835-34 Toilet Seat Hinge 

The Plumb Pak PP835-34 is a set of toilet seat hinge materials with universal compatibility. Made of plastic, the hinges measure 4 x 5 inches and weigh 3.2 ounces. The straight leaf-type hinges have a finish in white color. This item contains everything that is needed to fix your toilet seat. It includes hardware items such as washers and nuts. The durable plastic construction is made to last. Easy to fix, installation is easy, thanks to the instructions which are simple to follow. The hinge set is sturdy and has good value for money. 

Keeney makes the Plumb Pak product. This is an American company that has, for more than 90 years, been manufacturing and supplying quality plastic and brass repair parts, toilet hardware, plumbing materials for the kitchen, etc. Whether you need plumbing or toilet hardware for new installations or you just need replacement parts, Keeney is a go-to brand. 

3. Jabsco 29098-2000 Wooden Hinge Set 

The Jabsco hinge set is regular-sized and made of wood. It’s suitable for seat and lid assembly, whether for new installations or replacement. The items come in white color. They will, therefore, blend with standard white toilet bowls, toilet covers, and toilet seats. The hinge set features everything you need for an installation or replacement. It includes plastic nuts and screws for mounting a toilet bowl. However, the item doesn’t come with replacement screws. 

The 29098-2000 Hinge Set is made by Jabsco. It’s a leading manufacturer of products for water systems, searchlights, cooling pumps, industrial pumps, and marine waste equipment. 

4. Master Plumber 224-048 MP Toilet Seat Hinge 

Master Plumber 224-048 MP is a toilet seat hinge set with chrome finishing. The hinge set has a sleek coating that will add beauty to any contemporary or modern lavatory. 

Unlike other plastic hinges, this set is made of metal. It is, therefore, sturdier, more durable, and reliable. Easy to install, it has a standard size, which makes it compatible with all toilet seats. The Master Plumber 224-048 MP will fit into a comfort toilet seat. The item includes screws made of steel for installation. The whole set is packed in a carded package. 

5. Hibbent Toilet Seat Hinges

The Hibbent Toilet Seat Hinge set includes a set of two bolt screws and two Downlock nuts for rapid installations. The package also has a washer made of stainless steel and another one made of rubber for optional mounting. Also included in the package is an installation manual. With this, you can easily install the toilet seat yourself. 

The plastic construction is sturdy, provides durability and strength to the hinge items. Ideal for new installations, the hinge is also perfect if you wish to replace damaged hinges, or missing bolts, or nuts with new parts. Suitable for all universal toilet seats and toilet lids, you can use the parts in toilets of most brands, including American Standard, Kohler, TOTO, among others. 

6. Qualihome Universal White Plastic Toilet Seat Hinges 

This product is a 2-pack toilet seat hinge set. Made of plastic, the sets are white, suitable for white toilets and toilet seats. The model features bolt screws for top mounts. These Qualihome hinges are made of sturdy plastic that gives durability and strength to the toilet seat. It provides safety for users and secure installation to the toilet. 

The package includes a manual that consists of installation instructions. It offers a step-by-step guide for do-it-yourselfers. The bolts measure 3 to 3½ inches, suitable for any standard toilet seat. Although it is not universally fitting, it is a good hinge set if you need replacement parts. 

7. Master Plumber 479-56 White Toilet Seat Hinge 

The Master Plumber Seat Hinge is a set of white replacement parts for your toilet. Coming in a carded package, the hinge set is a suitable replacement hardware for American Standard toilet seats. Instead of purchasing a whole new toilet seat, this product can save you money. With the right fitting, the replacement material does the job nicely. 

Coming at a fair price, the item is worth a lot more than it costs. The hinges are robust, durable, sturdy, and easy to mount. Also, the hinges are easy to remove and replace again.


Buying a set of toilet seat hinges can save you money and the effort of trying to replace your entire toilet seat. Not all replacement parts on the market fit for standard-type toilet seats.  Not all have a universal fit as some of the hinges reviewed in this article. However, with this listicle, we’re sure you’re now spoilt for choice in your search for the best toilet seat hinges. Whether you want a hinge set made of durable plastic, steel, or steel with chrome finish, your search ends here. Go through the review once again and make a decision. 

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