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DC Environmental Network Achievements 1996-2010 (partial):

  • Restored curbside recycling for city residents
  • Passed a law protecting local neighborhoods from trash transfer stations
  • Passed the Tree Bill, a law protecting trees with a circumference of 55 inches or greater
  • Stopped a $300 million parking garage that would have promoted driving in the city
  • Saved parkland at picturesque Oxen Cove in Ward 8 by blocking a prison from being built along the shore
  • Stopped a road from being built in Klingle Valley adjacent to Rock Creek Park
  • Campaigned successfully to create the District Department of the Environment
  • Helped save Kingman and Heritage Island Islands in the Anacostia River from foolish development and a giveaway of public land
  • Stopped the wetland destroying and parkland smashing 6-lane $200 million Barney Circle Freeway
  • Stopped the Cadillac Grand Prix Race from polluting District neighborhoods along the Anacostia River
  • Raised over $5 million federal dollars for clean water protection programs
  • Stopped the District government and EPA officials from legalizing dumping of raw sewage into area rivers and creeks and achieved initial funding to fix sewage overflow problem
  • Helped pass legislation to protect the Anacostia River by curbing the use of plastic bags by attaching a small fee to their use
  • Passed Clean Air Act Compliance Fee to deter driving into District
  • Blocked the commercial use of Rock Creek Park for cell towers via the City Council and National Capitol Planning Commission level
  • Helped Pass Cutting Edge environmental, housing and jobs creation standards for all new developments built along the Anacostia River
  • Helped defeat the chemical industry and passed Coal Tar ban to keep dangerous toxics out of our drinking water
  • Helped pass new stormwater fee legislation to generate funds for stormwater projects designed to help restore area rivers and creeks
  • Passed Renewable Portfolio Standard to bring more clean energy (wind & solar) to the District
  • Helped pass Energy Efficiency Utility legislation in the District to fight global warming
  • Passed legislation to re-route dangerous rail cargo out of the District; helped inspire national re-routing legislation
  • Ended coal burning at the Congressional Power Plant in Washington, DC
  • Passed Clean Cars legislation to bring California standards to the District
  • Green Building Act passed to require environmental standards for new buildings
  • Green Stadium amendment inserted into baseball stadium authorizing legislation to push the Nationals to build an environmentally friendly stadium