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Sustainable DC Plan De-Brief

Tue Mar 12, 2013 at 10:33:06 AM EST

by Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network

The DC Environmental Network Invites All Metro-Based Environmentalists to a Brown-Bag Discussion:

On March 28th at Noon, join the DC Environmental Network (DCEN) for a special de-brief on Mayor Gray’s Sustainable DC plan that was officially released on February 20, 2013. This event will take place at the offices of the DC Environmental Network, 1100 15th Street, 11th Floor. All are welcome!  RSVP Here!

This brown-bag de-brief will feature panelists who participated in the Sustainable DC Working Groups and others:

– Water: Jennifer Peters, Clean Water Action
– Waste: Hana Heineken, Sierra Club, Washington, DC Chapter
– Nature: Anne Lewis, City Wildlife
– Climate & Environment: Kara Reeve, National Wildlife Federation
– Built Environment: Invited Working Group Participants
– Transportation: Ellen Jones, Downtown DC BID
– Energy: Joe Andronaco, Access Green
– Food: Lauren Shweder Biel, DC Greens

Panelist will give quick, 5 minute reports focused on:

• Working Group Discussions: Describe, highlights, main themes of working group discussions, participation, etc..
• Working Group Recommendations: Describe highlights of outcomes and recommendations of working group participants.
• Working Group Final Recommendations v. Final Plan: Compare working group outcomes with what actually ended up in the plan.

We will then convene an open discussion about what we like and what we might want to change. We will be doing a separate event to talk about and focus in on the details about the Jobs & the Economy, Health & Wellness and Equity & Diversity working group process and plan results.

Let’s dig in and figure out what we have and what we need to do! RSVP Here!


Over the last 20 months the DC Environmental Network has actively engaged the broader environmental community to push the Executive Branch to strive to weave sustainability principles into everything that happens in our nations capital city. DCEN held many coalition discussions and strategy sessions on sustainability issues and participated as a Sustainable DC Green Ribbon panel member striving to represent the interests of the broader green community.

Now that Mayor Gray has finished the initial phase of the Sustainable DC process it is time for the environmental community to analyze and evaluate the final design and goals of the plan.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and use the Sustainable DC process as a starting point to achieving real sustainability in the District and surrounding region. RSVP Here!

All are welcome!


Let’s Grow Our Green Community!

Wed Mar 06, 2013 at 12:00:38 PM EST

by Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network

The DC Environmental Network Invites All Metro-Based Environmentalists and Artists to Our Monthly Brown-Bag Discussion & Networking Opportunity:

Arts Event Title color x2

The arts can play a joyful vital role in helping us toward sustainable lives. Come dialogue with other activists and share your ideas for an environmental arts festival in the District.


Robert Bettmann, Artistic Director, Bettmann Dances
Stella Tarnay, Advisor, Sustainable Landscape Design Program at GWU; Chair of Education, Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy
Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network
– Additional Invited Panelist’s from the Art Community

On March 7th at Noon, join Robert Bettmann, Artistic Director of Bettmann Dances, and Chris Weiss, Executive Director of the DC Environmental Network to talk about the arts and activism and creation of a space for exploring environmental art in DC. This DCEN Brown-Bag will take place at the offices of the DC Environmental Network, 1100 15th Street NW, 11th Floor.

Let’s come up with new ways to inspire more people and save the planet. RSVP Here!


Bettmann is the author of the book Somatic Ecology, which investigates how activists and dancers use the body to become more humanly attached to the world. Bill McKibben wrote about Somatic Ecology, “in this intriguing text, movement takes a (literal) turn towards engagement with the grounded earth.” Bettmann graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in Environmental Studies, and is active in arts advocacy and arts activism in his role as board chair for the DC Advocates for the Arts.

Let’s grow our green network and incorporate new communication’s tools to help us live meaningful, natural lives. RSVP Here!

All are welcome!