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Sustainable DC Plan is a Good Start

Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 05:38:37 PM EST

by Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network

Sustainable DC Release 2 20 13 b


Clean Rivers Action – February 13th!

Sun Feb 10, 2013 at 12:29:46 PM EST

by Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network

Final Website Version Clean Water Action 2013


DCEN Environmental Advocacy Award to Be Presented!

Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 12:15:40 AM EST

by Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network

The DC Environmental Network Invites All Metro-Based Environmentalists to a Brown-Bag:

Office Gif Keeper


  • Mary Cheh, DC Council (DCEN Environmental Advocacy Award Presenter)
  • Matt Logan, Potomac Riverkeeper
  • Ed Merrifield, Potomac Riverkeeper (Emeritus)
  • Chris Weiss, Executive Director, DC Environmental Network

CIMG3805cdOn February 7th at Noon, join the DC Environmental Network (DCEN) for our monthly networking opportunity. We will focus our presentations and discussion on the work of our very own DC Riverkeepers to protect water quality and stand up to large-scale polluters in the District and Metro Washington region. We will also be introducing the new Potomac Riverkeeper, Matt Logan, and honoring Ed Merrifield, Potomac Riverkeeper Emeritus. Our discussion will occur at the offices of the DC Environmental Network/Global Green USA, 1100 15th Street NW, 11th Floor. All are welcome!

Dial-in Number: +17759963560 or Skype: fuzemeeting (When prompted enter the room number: Room #: 399602 and press the # key.)

Come show your support for meaningful advocacy on behalf of the Potomac River, Anacostia River and Rock Creek. RSVP Here!


Over the years DCEN has participated in many advocacy campaigns with the goal of restoring area rivers by defending the Clean Water Act, promoting new river protection policies and generally representing the interests of our river resources in our nation’s capital city. In the last few decades, it has sometimes become necessary for organizations like Earthjustice, DCEN, Friends of the Earth and our local Riverkeepers (and others) to engage in more aggressive strategies to CIMG0762-001protect our rivers from harmful actions by government and other large-scale polluters. When these moments have materialized it has often been the Potomac and Anacostia Riverkeepers who have been the first to engage and take action. Our local Riverkeepers have also been willing, and are often the first to consider, the use of litigation (sometimes in partnership with other organizations) to achieve important goals. It has been clear, over the last few decades, that the only way to get the attention of government and others who would pollute our rivers or put barriers in front of river restoration efforts, is for some organizations to take the extra step and lead efforts, which sometimes means litigation, to defend our rivers. The Anacostia Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper have been that organization time and again. It is also clear that all of us who work each day on restoring area rivers have benefited when other organizations, like the Riverkeepers, have been willing to engage in hard-edged advocacy. This courage and leadership has made all of our work that much more effective.

Come show your support for the hard advocacy that helps make all things possible for DC rivers. RSVP Here!

Introducing Matt Logan, Potomac Riverkeeper:

In addition to recognizing the importance of hard-edged advocacy to District waters we will be welcoming and getting to know Matt Logan who has taken over as the new Potomac Riverkeeper. We will also be honoring the work of Ed Merrifield, Potomac Riverkeeper Emeritus, who over the last decade has been a hard-edged sword fighting to defend the very survival of the Potomac River. He will be the first since 2008 to receive the DC Environmental Network’s Environmental Advocacy Award.

We also will answer that important question: “Who Has the Biggest Boat?”

Come show your appreciation for all the advocacy Ed Merrifield has engaged in over the last decade. RSVP Here!

All are welcome.